velak gala #126

Freitag, 19. Mai 2023 · 19:00 Uhr

Eintritt: freie Spende

Alessandra Eramo

Alessandra Eramo is a Berlin-based sound artist and vocalist who works with performance and installation, text-sound composition, video and drawing, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political matter. Central to her practice is extending the voice in all its forms and implications in sonic and visual contexts, crossing boundaries of genres and traditions. She has performed and exhibited widely at festivals, radio, museums, galleries and institutions.

Cedrik Fermont

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec, Cdrk) is a Berlin-based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, radio host (Radio Staalplaat, 88vier/Colaboradio and, concert organiser, independent researcher and label manager (at Syrphe) who operates in the field of noise, electronic and experimental music since 1989.


Maria Komarova

Maria Komarova is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is situated on the borders of performing arts, scenography, sound and installation art. She is interested in creating spatial settings that foster a sense of curiosity and attention toward everydayness. By staging and technically repurposing commonplace objects, Komarova’s works emphasize sonic and visual potential of the non-human world. Working with sound as a performative medium, she continuously develops DIY electro-acoustic objects and lets them temporarily inhabit the sites of performances and installations.


Trial#1 is a Linz/Vienna based collective of three female artists: Natalia Shepeleva(RU), Sara Mlakar(SI), and Mascha Illich(UA). Combining knowledge from technical and artistic fields, they are mainly focused on creating and hacking DIY noise instruments, exploring their audio and/or visual signals, and combining them into unique sonic landscapes. The artists and their instruments are all parts of a modular structure that comes together and falls apart in a different formation each time, ensuring the distinctiveness and unrepeatability of each landscape they create.

Yann Leguay

Thru sounds and objects, Yann Leguay focuses on the notions of dematerialization, the use of interfaces and everything about the materiality of memory. In his sound practice he was defined as a “media saboteur” by the Consumer Waste label, seeking to fold this materiality in on itself using basic means in the form of objects, music and performances. He has presented his work in many places and festivals all around Europe and further.