Džukljev/Kern/Stadhouders · Finissage Emilia Lichtenwagner: Gezeichnet!

Samstag, 25. Juni 2022 · 20:00 Uhr

Marina Džukljev (Klavier) · Didi Kern (Schlagzeug) · Jasper Stadhouders (Gitarre)
Finissage Emilia Lichtenwagner: Gezeichnet!

Marina Džukljev (SRB 1983) is a pianist, educator and active performer in the fields of free improvisation, classical, contemporary and applied music. She collaborates with wide range of multimedia artists across region and further such as: Dieb13, Jonas Kocher, Joel Grip, Michael Thieke, Noid, Vasco Trilla, John Dikeman, Isabelle Duthoit, Tristan Honsinger, Franz Hautzinger, Luke Steward, Bertrand Denzler, Hans Koch, Christof Kurzmann, Mia Dyberg, Richard Barrett and many others. She is a member of international ensembles: Šalter, Metamorphic orchestra, Tul a Tiszan Innen but also a part of quartet, septet, tentet and the large ensemble of the composer and violist Szilard Mezei, with whom she has recorded and published music over the many years of collaboration. Marina performed at the festivals and concert series all across the Europe and further, and has been released more then twenty releases as a sideman and the author. Džukljev is the curator and organizer of Improstor – improvised music concert series in Novi Sad (Serbia) over the last 10 years was curator and organizer for the festivals Interzone and Festival in Opposition. https://marinadzukljev.bandcamp.com/

Didi Kern is not only known as an accurate and versatile drummer for
Austrian heroes Bulbul and Fuckhead, he also built up a reputation for
himself within the improvised and free jazz music scene performing with
such great names as Marshall Allen, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson,
 a.o. Meanwhile he’s regarded as one of the busiest drummers in the
Viennese scene. Didi has established himself as a resourceful, energetic
free improviser with a sharp sense of humour.
…He lives and works in Vienna.

2017 03 10 DEK St Johann in Tirol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvT-T8hcnIE

Marshall Allen, Juini Booth, Philipp Quehenberger, Didi Kern – 2. Juni 2012 Kleylehof, Nickelsdorf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4TqqnK-qBA

Jasper Stadhouders (Tilburg, NL, 1989) is a guitarist predominantly, and also plays other stringed instruments like the mandolin, bass guitar, ʿūd and kologo. His playing showcases a completely natural musicality. His ability to perform difficult compositions, with an assured sense of rhythm and harmony, combined with his extremely physical and dynamic approach to improvising, has led him being one of the most sought after guitarists and bassists around. He plays in bands such as PolyBand, Blood Cloud, Cactus Truck, Spinifex, Made to Break, Shelter, Balconies, Bazooka, Organic Transport, dude, Dudes, may I? Dat & Dun, sync.slap, Latent Joy, schuifpui, SALARIS, Bacchanalia, Practical Music & more. He toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, Russia, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Palestine, Mexico and Argentina. Jasper can be heard on over 30 releases on labels such as Trost, Not Two, TryTone and Audiographic.

He played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Hamid Drake, C. Spencer Yeh, Akira Sakata, Noel Redding, Andrew D’Angelo, Roy Campbell (R.I.P.), Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Priya Purushothaman, Kaja Draksler, Johannes Bauer (R.I.P.), The Ex, Fendika, Getatchew Mekuria (R.I.P.), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Michael Vatcher, Andrea Parkins, Tony Buck, Marc Ducret, Jozef Dumoulin, Ebou Gaye Mada, Hassan Ait-Moumad, Greg Smith, Simon Jermyn, Boka de Banjul, Magda Mayas, Ikue Mori, Petr Vrba, Ken Vandermark, Mette Rasmussen, Nate Wooley, Valerio Tricoli, Gert-Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler (R.I.P.), Tom Rainey, Mark Sanders, Tamaya Honda, Conny Bauer, Emilio Gordoa, Dirar Kalash, Christian Lillinger, Joke Lanz, Michiyo Yagi and many others. He’s a member of Amsterdam-based improvising musicians collective Stichting DOEK. http://www.doek.org/project/jasper-stadhouders/