Sun Dog · Dejana Sekulić

Dienstag, 14. November 2023 · 20:00 Uhr


Hof, Iceland
Overlooking the Black Desert
looking westward
two distinct suns are jealous of each other in the sky
The elder sun is misted in a cold yellow
its heir is greenish-grey
In the north, the Vatnajökull glacier spews its waters in the carbon vastness as far as the ocean.
Multiple shafts of light pierce the clouds.

Mont Ventoux, France
Climbing the Kilimanjaro of Provence, Isabelle and I walked
the immaculate rocky terrain.
In cowboy boots and sneakers, we wander between the snow patches drunk on mistral, up to the ridge.

Beyond the Dome of the Storms, we reach the pass.
After climbing this modest 1909 metres, we descend on the partially-icy asphalt. The setting sun casts on the summit rare silhouettes of pine trees
shaped by the wind.
The sea of clouds at our feet reminds me of the past experience of the SunDog.

This climb was the beginning of our meeting at the M!lieu, in the village of Sault, between the sky, the stones, and the wind.

These new wanderings with vocalist Isabelle Duthoit, echo previous journeys I have made with Phil Minton, Catherine Jauniaux, Natacha Muslera or Dalila Khatir.

(ErikM 2022)


Isabelle Duthoit began studying classical music in 1991 at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse in Lyon with Jacques Di Donato , from which she graduated in 1995. With Donato, she founded the Fruits de Mhère Festival for improvisation music in 1994 and composed the theater music le temps du souffle. In the second half of the decade she toured the United States with Donato; she also worked with chamber music interpreters such as Sonia Wieder-Atherton and Raphaël Oleg . She performed several times at the Musique Action festival in Vandœuvre-lès- Nancy ,Musique en Scène in Lyon as well as Romania and the Ukraine. She also worked in the Ensemble Triolid (album Ur Lamento 2002 with Laurent Dailleau ( theremin ) and David Chiesa (bass, percussion)) with Taavi Kerikmäe and with Tim Hodgkinson ( Sketch of Now , 2006). In 2004 she recorded the album Avenues (Unit) in a duo with the pianist Jacques Demierre . It is clarinettist in Trio Krizda with Christine Wodrascka (piano) and Gunda Gottschalk (Viola), plays in the formation archipelago of Emmanuel Petit and is the founder of the trio Bords de Mhère (with Kristof Guez and Marc Pichelin). In the course of her career she also worked with Johannes Bauer , Camel Zekri , Michel Doneda , Franz Hautzinger and Géraldine Keller . In 2001 she performed with Joëlle Léandreand Marilyn Crispell at the Konfrontationen festival in Nickelsdorf . [2] In Japan, she studied 2008 for a stay in the Villa Kujoyama Noh rituals and entered 2011 in the Villa Medici in Rome together with Ryoko Aoki on. In 2012 she was part of the SWR New Jazz Meeting Member of Carl Ludwig Hübsch Ensemble pretty eight ; she also belongs to his quartet Drift.

ErikM is a French musician, composer and visual artist. 
Since his first experience in the plastic and visual arts, ErikM takes the risk to escape any attempt of hasty categorization. Very quickly considered as a virtuoso of electronic devices and sound arts (1994), he crosses the worlds-systems called „independent“, „institutional“ and territories (France – International). He develops an openly prospective approach of the technological medium. He conceives acousmatic works or composes mixed music for instrumental ensembles (Ensemble Inter contemporain, Laborintus, Phoenix Basel, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Dedalus…). He has collaborated with Luc Ferrari, Jean-Luc Nancy, Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore, Bernard Stiegler, Mathilde Monnier, FM Einheit… and creates transversal works that constitute a singular kaleidoscopic vision and put in tension the intimate and the political, the popular and the learned.


© daisyeek

violin+ is a performance woven out of curious, exciting, peculiar, adventurous music and wondrous sonar worlds of pieces for prepared violin, prepared bow, and other “+” coming from the extensions to the violin in the form of performative electronics. For this occasion, the program features pieces that use different everyday objects as means to change violin’s sonic identity (as in pieces by Clara Iannotta and Julie Michael), as well as pieces that redefine what is and can be a bow accentuating both the fragility of sound production and the energy of movement needed for sound to exist (as in Wojtek Blecharz and Alessandro Perini). The final form of extending the instrument comes with pieces that relay on use of electronics and video – using motion capture of a player to construct the video part of the piece (as in Johannes Kreidler) or using a live-screen score based on migratory paths of birds and humans, hosted online, into which the live performer enters with their own live sound (as in Sekulic’s own piece).

o Clara Iannotta: dead wasps in the jam-jar (i) (2015-16), for prepared solo violin
o Julie Michael: Junk Drawer (2022), for prepared violin
o Alessandro Perini: on that day my left ear became a frog (2018), for violin with custom-made amplified bow
o Dejana Sekulić: pathways (2022), a live screen-score for sound making performer
o Wojtek Blecharz: Phenotype (2011-12), for prepared violin/bow
o Johannes Kreidler: BOW (2020) for violin, audio and video playback


© Laura Mateescu

Dejana Sekulić, violinist, sound+silence explorer and performer, born at 43°18’58.5”N 21°54’39.5”E, is currently pursuing her PhD research, “Temporality of the Impossible”, at the Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) and the Research Centre for Performance Practices (ReCePP) at the University of Huddersfield. In February 2022 NMC/Huddersfield Contemporary Records released her solo violin CD baring the same title. Dejana obtained her bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Art University of Niš (Serbia), followed by Masters studies and Post Master specialisation in music at the Royal Conservatory Brussels (with Igor Oistrakh, Valery Oistrakh, and Bart Bouckaert), and an advanced program for contemporary music lead by ICTUS (Brussels) and Spectra (Gent) ensembles at the School of Arts Gent (Belgium). She actively performs as a soloist, and in a violin and live electronics duo with Gilles Doneux. She is the violinist of LAPS Ensemble, as well as a guest of Contemporary Insights, and is part of the art and education research collective People Coming from NowHere. Dejana also creates and develops works in the fields of interactive sound installations and multimedia.