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noches de los muertos 2019
Produktion: i5haus in Koproduktion mit Wien Modern und echoraum

30. Oktober 2019 Ι 19:00 Uhr: noches de los muertos 2019 I Gimme more!

Wiener Gesellschaft -The electroacoustic silence 1 Ι Hilary Binder Ι Taku Unami
Batus - Cardoën - Castelló - Romary Ι Anna Zaradny

1. November 2019 Ι 19:00 Uhr: noches de los muertos 2019 II Gimme more!
in Kooperation mit Wien Modern

Wiener Gesellschaft -The electroacoustic silence 2 Ι Hilary Binder Ι Juan José Rivas
Gnigler - Hvizdalek - Marks - Voglsinger Ι Billy Roisz


Wiener GesellschaftThe Electroacoustic Silence I + II, 30.10. + 1.11.2019

Isabella Forciniti (IT): modified percussion, electronics
Diana Hannappi (AT): flute
Patrick K.-H. (RUS): electronics, visuals
Katharina Klement (AT): piano, electronics
Maria Leubold (AT): double bass
Marika Peham (AT): cello
Philipp Rabelsberger (AT): synths, computer
Burkhard Stangl (AT): el- guitar
Paul Marius Walter (AT): synth
Katharina Zeller (AT): french horn


Hardly anything is more beautiful than a planned coincidence, which becomes the case and therefore real. The ten-member "Wiener Gesellschaft” (Viennese Society") was founded by Vienna-based Italian electronic musician Isabella Forciniti together with Katharina Klement and Burkhard Stangl. The occasion was a Forciniti initiated concert tour to Calbria. With considerable support from the Italian organizers, but also with the help of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the rehearsals and performances were realized at the Conservatorio di Musica Cosenza and in the venerable church of the Apennine town Longobucco. The music of the ensemble has its origin in the avantgarde, experimental and untimely-contemporary musical procedures of the last decades: conceptual pieces, improvisations, fluxus, open forms. The different spheres of influence of the musicians and as well the heterogeneous instruments themselves open up the possibility of being able to exchange ideas in a creative and extraordinary way. One does not colonize oneself, but rather leaves oneself in the mutual foreignness and thereby maintains the fascination of the other and for the other. Created by at least three generations of musicians, these sound sculptures, seek to be a forced, precise, aesthetic musical representation and implemen-tation of diversity and parallelism that can be one and all for sudden flare-ups. The in the best sense peculiar-kind modern-archaic Viennese society wants to breathe "air from other planets".

(Burkhard Stangl)

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Hilary Binder (IT/USA)

Taku Unami (JP)

Batus - Cardoën - Castelló - Romary

Anna Zaradny (PL)

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Juan José Rivas (MX)

Gnigler - Hvizdalek - Marks - Voglsinger

Billy Roisz

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