Les Marquises: Emilie Škrijelj & Tom Malmendier · Stefan Fraunberger

Donnerstag, 15. September 2022 · 20:00 Uhr

Les Marquises: Emilie Škrijelj (Akkordeon, Turntables, Elektronik) & Tom Malmendier (Schlagzeug, Objekte) · Stefan Fraunberger: Interval Crisis (erweitertes Hackbrett)

Emilie Škrijelj & Tom Malmendier : Les Marquises

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, turntable, electronics
Tom Malmendier : drums, objects

Les Marquises is a duo of free improv music created by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier in 2019. They released their first album “Les Marquises” in 2020 on their own label „eux sæm“ and the second one in 2021 „Tropism“ on the French label „Carton Records“. They went on several European tours in France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Deutschland, Slovakia, Italia, Portugal, Spain. To go further in their explorations, they invited the American rapper Mike Ladd in 2021 for a premiere at the Météo Festival in Mulhouse (FR).

Two voices breathe together, exchange, scramble and curl up like a twining plant. A dance on the embers, ardent Marquises … Review on Salt Peanults : „Super-fast, playful, inventive, and insatiable. They sound as if they are all over the electronics set of devices and the drum-set, busy exchanging ideas and strange, (…) with a great sense of timing and sharp humor while creating countless, nuanced electroacoustic storms. I guess that Škrijelj and Malmendier borrowed some theatrical stunts and expressive pathos from Brel, but, again, distilled all into their personal aesthetics.“  Eyal Hareuveni, Salt peanuts, 2020

First album (released in February 2020 on “eux sæm”)
Second album “Tropism”  (released in july 2021 on “Carton Records”)


Stefan Fraunberger: Interval Crisis (erweitertes Hackbrett)

„between melodies and noise washes, that never stop being engaging and provocative“ – Quietus

The hammered dulcimer (santur, hackbrett, cymbal, zambal,… ) is a stringed instrument being traditionally used in different forms and temperaments in-between the himalayas and the alps. Thereby it represents the art of weaving an invisible rug. Being the grandmother of the modern day piano, it takes an important role in popular music all around the regions of the former austro-hungarian monarchy as well as in classical ottoman and persian music. I am applying different eurasian humors and temperaments to investigate into their agencies unfolding a language of states, combining different processes, realities and magnetic fields. Mainly i am playing solo shows with different amplified dulcimers observing the possibilities of intermediary states within a set of given relations. Having performed this particular ‚Interval Crisis‘ at festivals in Beirut, Teheran, Kiew, London, Rome, Berghain, etc., it is constantly evolving in and around time.