Duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz: Sound Collector


Veranstaltung abgesagt!

17. Juni 2023 · 20:00 Uhr

UNPOLISHED is a constantly growing program composed of our compositions and collaborations, as well as the exchange of socio-political issues and experiences of our major project SOUND COLLECTOR. In this, the constant journey and search for new sounds and inspirations makes us grow constantly as characters, personalities, musical and friendly duo. Like a sponge, we soak up our impressions of the conversations, the joint composition processes and the burning issues that occupy both us and society, as in the distance and in our vicinity, reflect on them together and express them again in our new program „Sound Collector UNPOLISHED“ in the acoustic duo setting. The route includes among others the countries Romania, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, many more will follow. All countries whose people/musicians and personalities have a lot to tell and hold impressive cultures and stories that want to be discovered by us and told in a new way and sonic language.

A journey that will continue uninhibited in the future, resistant to crises.

Lisa Hofmaninger – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

Judith Schwarz – extended drums