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27. April 2019 Ι 20:00 Uhr Quatuor Brac

Tiziana Bertoncini, Violine I Vincent Royer, Bratsche
Soizic Lebrat, Cello I Benoit Cancoin, Kontrabass

 quatuor brac

In the Quatuor Brac, we continue our musical and sound explorations and feel the great pleasure to share them with all the public. For these meetings, we like to multiply and diversify the modes, the places and the forms. Besides concerts, we like that our musical proposals cross places and public unexpected. That they confront with unusual, unlikely situations, the most fascinating at the end is that, the combination of a live acoustic sound and a vision of a feelable implication, manages to create a listening quality which makes the musical borders more porous than what we could expect.

Improvisation stays our main domain of exploration. It is also for that reason that we wish to live new confrontations. Indeed, the musical improvisation means the absence of score and the less or the absence of "pre-agreement" about what is going to be played. This double absence is going to give a major importance to the listening. Listening of the other musicians of course, but also the listening of the place where whe are and the global notion of that a place can contain: the acoustics, present people, the atmosphere, the hour, the light... Thus if we are in the presence of a group of children, in the nature, in a workshop, the academy, the concert hall, all of that is going "to play" with us, is going to contribute to the construction of the music the quatuor will produced.

This multiplication of contexts has for us a main interest. For the reasons of creativity we have just mention, but also for the pleasure to share our sound and musical convictions with all the population, all the ages, all the levels of musical knowledge

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