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Juan José Rivas (MX)

Foto: No Idea Festival

Visual/sound artist specialized in electronic media; he employs different techniques in order to make a speech from the translation, error, obstruction, and the interference inside artistic languages. He tries to define the impossible, to reveal the hidden, to articulate the unspeakable, and to evidence the truth as an instituted lie. These are some of the conceptual approaches he uses in his work.

Juanjosé Rivas made a sound residence in Centre for Contemporary Creation Matadero in Madrid, Spain (2013); he was Fellow Program Development Cultural Projects and Joint Ventures 2013; beneficiary of the Board of Contemporary Art PAC 2012; He has twice received the grant from the Young Artists Program specializing in Multimedia, FONCA-CONACULTA 2005 and 2011. He was a member of the Council of Planning and Evaluation for the Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_MX 2010-2014. He currently teaches at the University CENTER, film, design, television and artistic director of the series of International concerts of Sound Art and Experimental Music VOLTA in Mexico City.

Gnigler - Hvizdalek - Marks - Voglsinger

Christine Gnigler (AT), Agnes Hvizdalek (AT), Misha Marks (NZ/MX), Stefan Voglsinger (AT)


Agnes Hvizdalek, Voice
Agnes Hvizdalek is an improvising musician originating from Vienna’s experimental music scene and is based in Oslo and Vienna. From an early age, she has dedicated her life to new music and her fascination with the human voice. She celebrates this in her abstract vocal music, for which she has received international acclaim. Always exploring new horizons, Hvizdalek has engaged in numerous cross-disciplinary collaborations merging voice and visual and performance art, dance, theatre, film, writing.

Christine Gnigler, Recorder
Geboren 1991, lebt und arbeitet in Wien und studiert Blockflöte bei Thomas List sowie Historische Fagottinstrumente bei Jennifer Harris. Neben frühbarocker, hochbarocker und klassischer Musik erstreckt sich ihr musikalisches Metier auch über zeitgenössische und improvisierte Musik. Derzeit konzertiert sie primär mit dem VIVID Consort, dem Ensemble Almira und dem Ensemble Pneuma und ist regelmäßig als Fagottistin in diversen klassischen oder barocken Opern- und Konzertproduktionen im In- und Ausland zu hören. Sie trat bei unterschiedlichen Festivals und Konzertreihen, wie z.B. dem „Zoomfestival“, dem Festival „Wien Modern“, der im Porgy&Bess stattfindenden Reihe „Transformator“ oder dem „Festival für Alte Musik Utrecht“ auf. 2016 rief sie die „Open Stage für Alte Musik Wien“ ins Leben, eine Plattform für aktuelle Alte Musik und ihre InterpretI-nen. Ihre jüngste Komposition "Close enough to exist apart" ist auf der CD "Fraufeld Vol.1" zu hören, die auf dem Label "Freifeld" erschien.

Misha Marks, homemade electric Guitar and Objects
*1983 in Wellington, NZ, lebt in Mexiko Stadt. Misha Marks wurde in Wellington, Neuseeland, geboren, wuchs aber in der Nähe von Karamea, ein Städtchen an der Westküste der Südinsel, auf. Er begann mit sechs Jahren Gitarre zu spielen und studierte später zwei Jahre lang Jazz und klassische Gitarre am Massey Conservatory of Music in Wellington, bevor er sein Studium abbrach. Außerhalb der Schulmauern engagierte er sich in der kreativen Musikszene von Wellington rund um den abenteuerlichen Musikort Happy, wo er regelmäßig mit lokalen und internationalen Improvisatoren spielte, an der Bar arbeitete und Putzmann war. Nachdem er einige Zeit in Europa gelebt hatte, zog er nach Mexiko-Stadt mit der Idee, etwa sechs Monate zu bleiben, was inzwischen zehn Jahre her ist. Er spielt sowohl konventionell als auch unkonventionell Gitarre, Baritonhorn und Latarra, eine aus einer alten metallenen Erste-Hilfe-Box selbstgebastelte E-Gitarre. Er war in verschiedenen Projekten in Mexiko-Stadt aktiv und trat auch auf Festivals wie dem Sarajevo Jazz Festival, dem High Zero (Baltimore), No Idea Festival (Austin), dem Glatt & Verkehrt- (Krems), dem Finse Jazz- (Norwegen) und dem Wellington Jazz Festival (Neuseeland) auf sowie bei Mexico Now (New York) und Aural (Mexiko-Stadt).

Stefan Voglsinger, Electronics and Snare
Stefan Voglsinger is an improviser and performer based in Vienna/Austria. He studied drums, music & movement pedagogy and sound for films in Cuba. Voglsinger focuses on interdisciplinary experiments and works with sound and image, developing performances or audiovisual installations including selfbuilt or hacked electronic circuits. This leads to many collaborations with different artists and collectives in Austria and abroad as well as projects including film, dance and theatre. At Setzkasten Wien he modifies analog film projectors, works in the darkroom and the sound studio. As a curator he organizes regularly exhibitions, concerts and gives Circuit Cooking soldering workshops in schools, associations and festivals.

Billy Roisz (AT)
Lives and works in Vienna/Austria.

Foto: noid

Since late 1990s, Billy Roisz dealt intensively with video and sound. Her work focuses on the links and gaps between visual and auditive perception. Roisz questions the interaction between sound and image, the interchangeability or unity of the electromagnetic signal in the generating machines which creates image or sound. The realisation of her experiments takes place in live performances, single screen works and audio-visual installations, solo or in collaboration with musicians of experimental music and noise as well as composed new and old music, dance and theatre. Her videoworks are distributed by sixpackfilm. She is co-organizer/programmer of annual REHEAT festival. ...It’s music that’s heard as much in the pit of the gut as it is in the ear canals....(Jack Chuter - ROCK-A-ROLLA about Billy Roisz/’Walking The Monkey’) ... she manages to organize corrosive flow of noises by tantalizing vortexes of spooky mid-frequencies, progressive saturations over tonal curves which look like following hyperbolic trend, sonic peptic ulcers, fermentations of stunning drones, thunderous flashes of noises which broaden over the sonic sphere and high-pitched sharpening death throes of sound. (Vito Camaretta - chain d.l.k. about Billy Roisz/’Walking The Monkey’)

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