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Hilary Binder (IT/USA)
born in washington, d.c, usa 14 august 1965.


growing up in dc in the 80s, she was musically raised on classical music, classic rock, early go-go, punk and hardcore (in that order), particularly the straight-edge and other dc punk scenes that included minor threat, bad brains, holy rollers, and many others, as well as the start of independent labels like dischord. at 19, she moved to san francisco in the heat of the west coast punk explosion of bands like the dead kennedys, victim's family, the dicks and mdc, venues like the vats, the farm, the mab, komotion, and gilman street, and publications like maximum rock'n'roll. she spent 10 years there squatting and protesting, and, as a drummer, eventually co-formed the jazzcore trio forethought with seminal punk musicians tommy strange and chris rankin. after forethought disbanded, she went on to form the bass/drums instrumental duo sabot with chris. in 1993 they moved to tabor in the czech republic to start the international art center cesta, and for 20 years they co- administrated the center, as well as touring all over the world as sabot, self-producing records, books and films, all with the indispensable help and support of the too-long-to- list-here autonomous and independent music scenes, bands, venues, organizers and networkers. in 1999, she formed the 5-piece all-female acapella group kačkala, which to date has released 3 albums and done several tours in europe and the usa. in 2013 she moved to abruzzo, italy to start the new international art and science labora-tory invizin, and in 2016 she started singing with polemica.

Taku Unami (JP)


Taku Unami: Performer of multi-instrumental, improvised, or unclassifiable (non-)music. Bandleader and guitarist of depressive easy-listening group HOSE. Composer of film scores for direc-tors including Isao Okishima and Takeshi Furusawa. Founder of hibari music, an experimental music record label and distributor. Work influenced by cosmic- pessimism, science-fiction, and supernatural-horror. Proficient in string instruments, piano, synthesizers, recording hardware and software, and “obfuscated everyday, non- musical objects”. Member of HONTATEDORI, Kanji Nakao Trio, They Live... Collaborators include Klaus Filip, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Kazushige Kinoshita, Eric La Casa, Radu Malfatti, Norimizu Ameya ... Recorded or mastered numerous records for la-bels such as Erstwhile Records, Enban, map ... Published more than 30 solo or collaborative re-cords and performed in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and United States. Recent publications include Species Pluralis with Jarrod Fowler (No Schools Recordings 2016), The Whistler with Graham Lambkin (Erstwhile Records 2017), zymology with Sam Sfirri (hibari music 2017), cloud of unkno-wing (tenseless music 2018), Wovenland with Toshiya Tsunoda (Erstwhile Records 2018).

Batus - Cardoën - Castelló - Romary
Aude Romary (FR), Christophe Cardoën (FR), Pascal Batus (FR), Angélica Castelló (MX/AT)


Aude Romary, cellist
After studying clarinet, she has been playing cello since 1997, specifically in experimentation and improvisation, looking for new ways to sound his instrument. Music is for her sound, matter and movement, which is why she participates in projects with dance (Marie Cambois, Aurore Gruel, Stefano Taiuti, la cie l'Astragale), text (cie Les Endimanchés, Heidi Brouzeng), painting and dra-wing (Arik F.Palmer, Vincent Fortemps), light (Christophe Cardoen, Jean-Gabriel Valot) and poetry (Lucie Taieb, Rémi Chechetto). Author of a text, ME 109, she collaborated, with director Hugues Reinert on his stage adaptation, with actress Hélène Géhin and dancer Pascale Manigaud. Since 2011, she has been developing a research on cello and electro-acoustic music : « I broke my cello and ? » with Jean-Philippe Gross, « Cellostries » with Marco Marini, « Discordes » with Jerome Noetinger. She is also interested in modern violin making by playing a carbon fiber cello of Ameri-can luthiers Luis and Clark, wich can be used as an etending instrument with ressors, micropho-nes, small speakers and various objects. Since 2014, she is the artistic director of the association Bruissement, wich produced last year her second creation, « limbe », with Christophe Cardoen, Natacha Muslera and Stefano Taiuti.

Christophe Cardoën, visual artist
Lives and works in Grenoble. Uses lights, movements, sounds. Manufactures and arranges machines, lighting, objects, spaces. He uses light and shadow as a material in itself. By associating electro-mechanical devices, shutters or reflective surfaces with light sources, it causes variations of rhythm, scansions of bright lights in deep black and experiences our perceptions, visual, spatial and temporal. These instruments allow him to develop techniques to play light during performances with musicians, filmmakers, comedians, dancers, practicing improvisation. Realizes and presents installations, scenographies, participates in film creations and expeditions.

Participates in the organization of the 102 from 1995 to 2015 (102 is an independent space, without subsidies. Since 1983, associations organize concerts, experimental cinema sessions, exhibitions, dance shows, meetings). Resident of the Brise Glace from 1995 to 2008 (Brise Glace was a squat occupied by artists between 1995 and 2008. It made available workshops).

Musicians: Pascal Battus, David Chiesa, Anne Laure Pigache, Anne Julie Rollet, Aude Romary, Jérôme Noetinger, Michel Doneda, Will Guthrie, Xavier Charles, Lee Patterson, Lionel Marchetti, Natasha Muslera, Sophie Agnel, Martine Altenburger, Thierry Madiot, Firdaouss El Fahiri, Frédéric Nogrey, Gandolfo Pagano,Emmanuel Petit, Marc Pichelin, Xavier Saïki, Benoit Cancoin, Seijiro Murayama, ...
Dancers and performers: Marie Cambois, Fine Kwiatkowski, Li-Ping Ting, Anna-Maria Civico...
Comedians: Nanda Mohammad, Michel Mathieu ... Visual artists: Liz Racz, Emilie Ibanez, Miles McKane, Kristof Guez, Stéphane Lempereur, Sebastien Perroux,... ...
Filmmakers and Video ma-kers: Gaëlle Rouard, Marie Moreau, Djamila Daddi-Addoun, Willehad Grafenhorst, Lionel Palun, Etienne Caire, Xavier Querel, Christophe Auger, Patrick Bokanowski, Fredérique Roumagne.. ...

Pascal Battus, Sound artist, improviser, composer
Pascal Battus develops a practice of sound more attentive to the sound gesture, listening and the situation that determines them than to a defined instrument: the guitar pickup truck (guitar microphone without guitar), the rotating surfaces, the "surrounded" guitar (electric guitar on the table + contact microphone + various objects + electronics), percussion (amplified or not),... His work is regularly broadcast on international radio stations (France Musique, Resonance FM,...) He has performed in Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Austra-lia,... alone or more frequently with other musicians. He often works with dancers, plastic per-formers (video, light, sculpture,...). He makes Graphones (sound drawings) and co-invents the Sound Massages. His records are published by Potlatch, Corpus Hermeticum, Amor Fati, Another Timbre, Cathnor, Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Herbal International...

Angélica Castelló, Composer, Sound Artist
Her sound work and compositions concentrates on fragility, dreamworld and the subconscious. Performs continuously solo or in cooperations everywhere between Mexico City and Vienna. Nu-merous compositions for ensembles, radio works as well as installations that operate at the inter-face of music, performance and visual arts. Several releases on labels like Interstellar records, Mikroton recordings, Monotype records, Mosz, chamafu nocords, Orlando Records, ein-klang_records, Mandorla Label, Thalamos, upside down records etc. “... As such, Sonic Blue is so much more than a simple travelogue over the oceans; Castelló has created an artwork which re-sonates profoundly. Hers is a virtual journey based in experienced reality, and one whose reflec-tions on the seas are as deep as the oceans that it celebrates.”(FREQ.ORG.UK linus tossio) “...this combination of scratchy low fi squall and grandiose classical articulations, like Ghedalia Tazartes meeting Ekkehard Ehlers, makes Bestiario a unique and rewarding album.” (Joshua Meggitt) “...Castelló, an amazing sound designer, adding electroacoustic pearls to this masterful ménage à trois. Witchcraft!” (Miha Zadnikar about trio NIX)

Anna Zaradny (PL)

zarFoto: Grzegorz Mart

is a sound and visual artist, composer, improviser. Co-founder of the Musica Genera Festival and the Musica Genera Label. The creativity of Anna Zaradny is expressed through sound and visual art. As a composer and instrumentalist she works in a wide spectrum of genres: from acoustic improvised music with a contemporary minimalist language to the complex structures of experimental electronic music compositions. As a visual artist, Zaradny creates in various media including installations, objects, photography and video. The artist uses abstraction, micro sound and architectonic
elements, lights and space. Her pieces are marked by the ambiguity and the relationship between medium and ideas. Zaradny's works have been presented in festivals and exhibitions all over the world, the last ones so far at: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; SiILBERKUPPE, Berlin; Kunst-Werke, Berlin; Sottovoce, London; What is music? Festival, Sydney, Melbourne; All Ears Festival, Oslo; Unsound Festival New York; Exploratory Music From Poland; Super-Deluxe Tokyo, Japan. The discography of Anna Zaradny includes solo recordings and collaborative projects with a.o.: Jerome Noetinger, Burkhard Stangl, Christian Fennesz, Robert Piotrowicz, Tony Buck, Kasper Toeplitz. She is also author of music for theatre plays and multimedia projects. Anna Zaradny was recently nominated to art prize Spojrzenia 2011 hosted by Zacheta National Gallery / Warsaw. She received a scholarship Museums Quartier Vienna 2005 Minister of Culture and National Heritage 2013 Consultant and music researcher in the Escape Act project for Alexandra Bachzetsis 2018. Residence Elektronmusikstudion EMS Stockholm 2016, KSYME - CRM Athens 2018

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